The sea surrounded by nature, sport, and history

Finale Ligure: sea, sport, and outdoors

«Sea. Climbing. Trails. Bikes. And more sea. The history of the “Finalese” and of its many callings is quite unique. For those who have experienced it live in the last forty or fifty years, it has been an unbelievable story. Economists or sociologists would think of it as a case study, but us, first-hand witnesses, we call it miracle»

      Paolo Paci – award-winning journalist, writer and traveler – March 2021


Casa Vacanze sul Borgo has been awarded as BEST SUPPORTER FOR YOU CARD 2022, thanks to contributions paid to the maintenance of the Finale Outdoor Region territory. All guests showing the FOR YOU CARD are guaranteed that a part of their spending will be reinvested to benefit the maintenance of the area, trails network and crags. Remember to purchase your FOR YOU CARD!

Sea & Beaches

Ladies and gentlemen… his Highness the Sea! Did you know that our waters win the Bandiera Blu award (Blue Flag award) every year for being clean and crystal clear? And did you know that there are dozens of public and private beaches to accommodate everyone’s needs? We know them all, and we can also help our guests in choosing the perfect beach for them. Or why not go on a sailing trip? You could go dolphin or whale watching or maybe you would rather try an unforgettable offshore aperitif. Or maybe you like snorkelling, canoeing, or a night swim? You just need to choose.


Finale Ligure is MTB history. All of the greatest champions have ridden our trails, have been through our mud. Experience the thrill of tackling the same trails. Enduro, XC, DH, family. What’s your jam?
Biker entrance, bike room, workshop, bike wash, MTB themed books and maps, contacts of all the local guides, professional instructors, and shuttle companies to suit your every need… whatever your level may be! At Casa Vacanze Sul Borgo every little detail is well thought out for bikers and MTB lovers. You can enjoy a restful night’s sleep while your bikes are safely stored in a large windowless bike room, with three different alarm systems, an entrance code, 24/7 security monitoring. Not only this but bikers will also find in Gianluca a person who speaks their same language! You might even run into him riding the same trail as you, in his desperate attempt at never turning into a “used-to-be-biker”…


The well-known “Finalese” aka Finale Ligure and its surroundings has thousands of bolted routes, dozens of areas and sectors, crags ranging from being a few meters long to being a few hundred. Its features have made Finale Ligure into what it is now: a must-visit spot for any climber (or free climber).
Casa Vacanze Sul Borgo is located a few meters away from Rocca di Perti, one of the largest areas in the Finale area, home to some iconic crags.

Trekking & Hiking

Finale Ligure is scattered with a wide variety of trails that range from easy ones that can be enjoyed by the whole family to those that can put to the test the most seasoned hiker. Also being home to important archaeological sites can make any hike that more unforgettable: exploring old towns, caves, primitive settlements, mysterious ancient megaliths, ancient bridges that were part of the historic Roman road called Iulia Augusta… it’s all there for you.
Trekking and hiking lovers will be able to get some local maps and will have the opportunity to be put in touch with professional guides and to join organised trips if they so wish.